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26 years old
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About me, eh? Where to start...? Ah, I got just the thing.

By the end of this statement, sir or madam, I can guarantee your mind, or many of your peers' minds, shalst be blown.

You know, about now, I'm sure a few people out there are expecting some immensely long statement, including dozens, if not hundreds of multisyllabic words, such as literate or eccentric. I succeed to the fact of both these words appearing true about me in the aspect of personality.

Devious quite often describes the workings of my mind. In a state of normality, my tone of voice equates to the word so often used by the general community, 'normal.' However, on the opposite side of the coin, you have my sadistic state; a state which, to the contrary of many opinions, is not quite what you would think. Not when I'm involved, to say the least. For me to become sadistic, I must urge my mind and body into a hyper-active state (I must become hyper), and let devious, mischievious thought take over said mind. In this 'sadistic' state of mind, I merely think up outrageous forms of torture, but do not execute any such form of diabolical torture. In this sense, I suppose you could say my mind schemes, but more on the evil side, instead of the usual bank robbery or house burgluary side.

Now then, for my favorite mind status, the logical mindset, of which I have grown so much accustomed to. In this logical insanity my mind cooks up, I see the answer to various different problems, both in, yes, mathematics, and the psychological view of the world. But, as if a college student, with a psychological mindset isn't bad enough, the logical workings' velocity inside my diversely complex mind only triple, if not quadruple when I become hyper in this, my favorite state of mind.

Now then, good sir or fair lady, have I blown your mind?

Hrmm... It seems there is a portion of my mind I left out. Well now, that's a problem. Eh, simply add in a completely illogical and random mindset in your own mind, and word it as you see fit. I'm sure you can tell just how random I am with this... Well, heck, I might as well call it a college essay about myself! ^_^

Well, now that I'm near the end of this 'essay,' my mind is becoming hyper-active, so I do believe I shall just leave you to what's left of your ravaged mind. Oh, and no, I do not get hyper from too much sugar. I get hyper because of random, yet comical events in my everyday life. For example, I am getting hyper now because I can imagine just how many people will react to this 'about me' statement. Heh heh heh...

And, if your mind was not blown, then... sadface. ; ;

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