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Okay I had to, I just picked it up today and I have to say I can't flipping wait to get my house! I'm living in a Tom Nook Tent... how lame is that?

Please post me some news about your towns/characters/funny events or anything you enjoy about your game. Also please post friend codes if you'd like to! I wanna see as many houses and towns as I can in the future!! :)

My Friend Code: 4785-4848-3405

I don't want it to overload so if I have absolutely no idea who you are I might not accept you right away and I'm sure you all feel the same. :P  But I'm sure I'll get around to adding err one!! 8)

Happy Crossing!! <3

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I only just got the game yesterday, so though I've graduated from my Tom Nook Tent, I still haven't done too much yet. The game is awesome though! Though I played the crap out of Wild World, both it and City Folk never felt like they added enough to stand out from the first Animal Crossing, and I think this one finally does that.

My Friend Code is 4382-2112-4037

Come visit The Burg, y'all!


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I gave in and bought it off the e-shop because I'm impatient. So I now have the game. I played a lot of the gamecube version as a kid, didn't play the ds version, but I did also play a lot of city folk. So if you feel like visiting my friend code is: 4811-8256-3835. Hope to have fun with you all.

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