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So, here's my first review on here. I don't think I'll have some sort of numerical grade or letter grade, just thoughts on what I like, don't like and whether or not you should play the game. So here we go!

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive game. That being said, if you've played any game in the "New" series of Mario games then you might as well have played this one. There is very little "New" in this game. Is this a bad thing? Well yes, we don't wanna keep getting shoveled the same game and expect to buy it because it's in another shape than the previous pile. That being said, as I'm a big fan of 2D platformers and Mario I quite enjoyed the game for what it is.

I was a big fan of the level design. The game revolves around collecting coins, and there's certainly no shortage of them throughout the levels. The game emphasizes this in it's level design by putting things like Gold Rings that turn enemies gold to earn you more coins, lots of hidden bonus rooms with additional coins, and in rare instances the new "Gold Fire Flower" powerup that turns most enemies and blocks into even more coins. But besides the whole coin aspect, the levels do feel like they were planned out, some of those hidden exits are insanely hard to find. However, one thing this game could use less of is hidden invisible vine blocks. Not all of these are obvious to find, and most lead to star coins/hidden exits.

The boss fights are another story. It was cool to see Reznor again, but they should've done something with them in the later worlds to throw you off. Nope, pretty much the same fight each time. The Koopaling fights were also a disapointment, not challenging at all. I didn't die once to them. Not to spoil the final boss, but it was also a let down. Certainly a needs improvement here.

Speaking of needing improvement or just changes in general, what is up with the music? Seriously, I don't think this game has one new track except for the title screen. All of it is reused from New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and while I liked the music in that game I didn't exactly want to hear all of those tracks again. There is such a thing as nostalgia in Mario music, but I'm dead serious this is the exact music we have heard already in the previous Mario installment.

Reviews always have a need to talk about the graphics, so I suppose I'll say something. It's the same stuff we saw on the Wii game, it works. Not really a needed change, it's Mario so I don't really care.

Controls are good, and one thing a Mario game usually doesn't fail at. You can switch between a Game Boy-like control scheme or a Super Nintendo-like control scheme, I prefer the latter. Mario still has all of his pointless moves like the triple jump and the game breaking wall jump. Oh and because I really haven't talked about it the Raccoon power-up from Super Mario Bros. 3 is back, and works the same.

The draw to this game is the levels, and this can be seen in the Coin Rush mode. You play through random levels trying to get a high coin score count, to eventually get a million coins for your game. It's fun challenging yourself, and a first to Mario games is the addition of DLC. That's right, if you spend some money you can actually download new course packs for your game to play in this mode. Is it worth it? Well I got a free one with an offer at the time, and it's okay. Maybe if you're crazy about the game and play it to death it would be worth it. But not until you beat the main game first.

Alright, so that about concludes my review. I think you SHOULD play this game if you enjoy 2D platformers, or Mario games. Like me. That being said, I would really like Nintendo to step it up for the next Mario and make it actually different. The first "New" game was actually new. This series of games is getting old.


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