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It's official... Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are coming in October 2013, and it will be a worldwide release. Pumped? Check out the links below.

Nintendo Direct

Both have the same trailer, but Nintendo Direct has a history of the series leading up to the new games and trailer. What do you think?


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I haven't played pokemon since gen 3, even so I have kept up with the pokemon designs and things like that. After two generations of lame and disappointing pokemon such as Vanillite, the DQ kiddie cone pokemon, and Trubbish, the non-glad trash bag pokemon. And in my opinion even some of the starters have been lacking such as the grass and water types from gen 5. My only problem with them is that they look really lame. 

But I'm happy to say that two of the three starters for gen 6 look cool. Water starter, Froakie, and Fire starter, Fennekin. The water frog and fire dog are concepts we've seen in the past but for them to be starters is okay in my book. However; the Grass starter, Chespin, has suffered from lame design syndrome. Like, what the hell is he? A beaver with a Snivy-esque hoodie? 

Let's just hope that their evolved forms keep their coolness and/or redeem their lameness, and lets hope the rest of the pokemon look pretty cool this time around because for the pokemon revealed so far it's quite promising. Though my hope for gen 6 is that they add more evolutions to gen 1 pokemon like they did with Electabuzz and Magmar, but I really hope they add one more evolution branch onto the Trubbish evolution tree and hopefully his third evolution will be a Glad Force-flex bag that can hold all that he's become.


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I mainly agree with Helf and I do hope the 3D aspect dosen't side track them. The deer legendary looks a bit lazy considering it's a deer with giant antlers. Also I'm 99% sure that there will never be new evolutions or pre-evolutions to gen 1-4 pokemon. I was hoping dor Ruby, Saphire, and Emerald remake but I guess I'll have to wait.

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