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Although the Wii U has been released, a rather obscure release has just been announced by Nintendo. The new "Wii Mini", a smaller version of the Nintendo Wii has been announced as a Canadian EXCLUSIVE release (at least for now), at Best Buy.

For $99, you'll get the new slimmer console which is black & red, a red Wii MotionPlus Remote, and a (presumably red) Nunchuk. There is no included games, but you can register the console on Club Nintendo for some coins (100 I believe). As with newer Wii systems, it appears to not include backwards-compatibility with GCN games or accessories.

The console is due in Best Buy Canada stores on December 7th, presumably also for sale on this day. It can be pre-ordered now as well from there site. For all the details just click here.

Talked about this last night on Skype, but I can foresee alot of Canadian children getting upset on Christmas morning expecting a Wii U and getting the Wii Mini. Granted, it looks pretty cool and I'd get one if I didn't already have a Wii. This news is a bit weird considering Nintendo announced they don't have any first-party titles planned for the Wii.

There apparently has been talk about expanding the list of their $20 Player's Choice titles. This news is good for both current Wii owners and potential new Wii Mini owners. It makes the $99 price tag minus a game really worth it, considering you could "bundle" it together with say Player's Choice Super Mario Galaxy for a total of $119.


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well, at least Conadians can't say Nintendo never did something special for you guys :P


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