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So I picked this game up during the Black Friday sales, 20 bucks isn't bad and I enjoyed the demo I played. Playing the main game, it's not bad so far. Doesn't feel right for the 3DS though, the control doesn't seem right but considering it can use the CirclePad Pro I might be missing out here.

Also, the game isn't very portable. There's no quicksave feature that I've seen, only save points. Doesn't fit a handheld to well, considering if you're travelling and have to stop playing you don't have a choice but to put your 3DS in Sleep Mode. I normally do, but I'm not too sure if having a game running in the background in Sleep Mode drains the battery faster. This may seem like a minor complaint but still.

I could keep going on and probably give a quick review of what I've played, but I'll end it off by saying that FlowMotion is both awesome and annoying at the same time. It's very cool to traverse all over Traverse Town in an instant, but for fights it almost seems necessary to use it unless you wanna get owned. I'm playing on Proud Mode, but even still I would imagine getting swarmed on lower difficulties without using it.

Anywho, Square-Enix is having a online Black Friday Sale which seems to end tomorrow, so if you wanna pick up Kingdom Hearts or some other game click this link here. Some of the stuff is at a pretty reduced price, including Dead Island for 10 bucks.


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I've been curious about this game since it came out, but I've been putting off buying it due to budgeting and hearing lukewarm reviews on it.  Still, I might consider getting it at a reduced price.  Thanks for sharing the info on the Black Friday sale and your brief thoughts on the game, Odin!


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