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Well, the title pretty much says it all.  EA recently announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be free to play up to level 50, the current cap.  However, the game is not going fully free, as some additional content will still require the subscription fee of $14.99/month or a to-be-determined amount of the game's upcoming ingame currency 'Cartel Coins'.  EA and BioWare claim the switch is not purely based on subscription losses but rather the shift in the MMO market to free-to-play and will allow them to update the game more frequently.

Personally, I'm not surprised by this move at all.  Despite what EA claims, I do believe the dip in subscriptions did play a factor in this.  Furthermore, this situation seems very similar to when Sony decided to make DCUO free-to-play in terms of timing (how long the game's been around) and how they've set up their free-to-play model.  I do think the move will get a few more people into the game, but only time will tell whether the move was ultimately a good business decision or not. 


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Hmmm, interesting move. But I'm not really a fan of ftp mmo's or other types of games. Mostly because you end up playing 1/2 a game with a lot of restricted content, which is understandable since you're not really paying anything. Another reason is the "Pay to Win" model most games seem to be going. When I sit down and play a video game, I don't mind losing and an even playing field but I HATE losing because somebody has more money to spend than me. It's like cheating or hacking but it's 100% legit since they paid for it. I've yet to play 1 mmo that is truly "free to play" :P


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I'll probably give it a go for awhile. I never seem to stick with any MMO that I try but I still enjoy them nontheless.


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