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So, Steam just finished their summer sale, and like the masses, I bought a few games.

First two that I'll talk about are "Ben There, Dan That!" and "Time Gentlemen, Please!". Both great games having completed them. They're adventure games created by Dan Marshall and Ben Ward. They have some witty dialog akin to other games such as Sam & Max which they pay homage to in their first game. Most of the puzzles are pretty fun to do and often involve some random things at times. Just very fun games.

Second is Sanctum, a tower defence first person shooter. I'm sure a lot of people have seen this game from the Yogs Cast so I won't go too much into it. It definately a multiplayer experience, it gets a little bit menotenous on your own. It is challenging and fun though.

Lastly Puzzle Agent. A game I feel as if it went under the radar for most people, though I may not have enough exsposure to other's views. It's a puzzle game much like Prof. Layton with a rather weird story. Very amuzing all around with a few challenging puzzles.


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