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So I found an escapist article which states the new Smash Bros, game may not have any new characters on the roster. Sakurai basically says adding more characters makes a game really hard to balance and fine tune, as well as makes some characters be just carbon copies of each other. I can definitely agree with that, since Brawl did have way too many characters, and the star fox group feels too much the same anyways. Not to mention a lot of people complained about Brawl's game balanicing (What's up Meta Knight?)

Here's the article in question:

So what do you guys think about this? Keep in mind it's only a possibility, and isn't set in stone.


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I think that's pretty dumb to be honest. Why would anyone want to play a fighting game sequel if it features the exact same roster? I mean, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur (the list goes on) mix up their rosters every game. Whether that means excluding certain characters, adding completely new faces, or cameo appearances they make it different so that people want to play.

If this game has the same roster as Brawl (or even Melee for that matter), what would've been the issue in attempting to patch the game to balance things out? Take Street Fighter IV for example, when the community finds an issue with the game Capcom usually takes that into consideration when releasing a future patch for the game. If Mario Kart 7 taught us anything, it's that Nintendo is willing to modify their games after release date to fix these issues.

All I'm getting from this is that they're being lazy and just want to release another Smash game to make a bunch of money from the public that would be willing to buy a fixed version of Brawl. If this game took like 4 extra years to make and included more characters and extensive testing to find and fix bugs I'd gladly wait. I don't want this to come out in a year's time and literally be Brawl 2.0.


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While this is true, do more characters really make the game better? Would adding Lloyd Irving, Magnus, Palutena, or whoever is on your hopeful smash bros. list make the game? While it is true that Brawl's selling point seemed to be its characters, look at the other things as well.

Subspace Emissary was good yes, but it wasn't anything you'd want to go back and play over and over again, and was kind of meh. The new levels added aren't anything to write home about either. New Pork City was just TOO big, with no really interesting gimmicks sans the Ultimate Chimera who only moved around in one small area and is just an instant kill anyways. And Hanebow well...yeah.

Plus, now that I think about it, Ryu, Ken, and Dan do feel kind of simiar in gameplay styles, and even Sakura knows Hadouken.

Also, the Wii U will (I'm assuming) have ways to patch the game now. While the 3DS can patch games, you have to wonder how willing they would be to patch the games anyways, since MK7's method was kind of weird, since you had to download the patch from the eShop (At least I think you did.)

I'm not saying you're wrong, since you're entitled to your opinion, but you have to look at the other problems Brawl had. More characters? I'd be more than happy with that. But I would definitely not want to play a game which is broken.


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I wouldn't mind some new characters, but I have to agree with him about worrying about playing styles mixing. However, I wouldn't mind some characters being replaced by others. Honestly I think that Wolf and Falco could be taken out and replaced by some more deserving characters, same with most of the other clone characters. Or at least change them to where they aren't copies of each other (who needs 3 laser spams and 3 landmasters in one match?).

However, I think they do need to keep the list fresh with new names but not to the point where it's oversaturated. I would argue that just throwing new characters in is a way to just grab money from the consumers and not give out a quality product (ex: Sega Allstars Racing WITH BANJO KAZOOIE!). Does it add anything to the title or is it just there to get the attention of fans? It's nice to see familiar faces in a game but if they aren't unique it takes away the fun of having them there in the first place.

I think he's not wrong to keep the list small so he can make every fighter get the attention they deserve, but he also needs to keep things fresh and keep people interested. I'd hate to see Banjo Kazooie show up and play just like an Ice Climber clone with a few touch ups. But that's just my opinion on the subject.


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