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So, seveal conflicting pieces of information have been floating around about the Wii U's release date and price lately.  I figured I'd go ahead and round them up and leave a spot for updates, especially for when the official word is out.

Let's start with the release date.  Nintendo has officially stated that the Wii U will be released worldwide this holiday season but thusfar has given no specific date.   A recent listing on Amazon Germany indicated the system will drop on December 21.  However, Toki Tori 2 developer Two Tribes has told Gamespot that the system will be out sometime in November.  

Ok, onto the price.  Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has promised that the system will be sold at a 'reasonable' rate and that the company 'will not make the same mistake that we did with the 3DS, which was considered relatively high by consumers'.  Many sources reportedly involved in manufacturing and distributing Nintendo products have stated the price will be no higher than $300 at launch.  

I'll update this with the offical release date and launch price as soon as I know.  Nevertheless, I think the overlapping thing we are hearing is that Nintendo is trying to stick to having an affordable console, as they did with the Wii, and that it will launch no later than mid-December.


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