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You can read about it there if you'd like, but basically the update allows you to create folders in which to organize your various games and apps in. Just tap an empty square on the menu and you can create it, and name it. Very handy I think, it makes the 3DS screen alot less cluttered.

Also changed was the 3DS shop. There's now a smaller scroll bar underneath the main one which has some of the more useful categories, like Virtual Console games, recommended by users and retail games.

Lastly, this isn't listed on the website but was in the notification I received via SpotPass today. They're finally incorporating game updates, starting off with an update for Mario Kart 7 that's gonna fix game breaking shortcut exploits (Maka Wuhu anyone?). Plus, if you wanna play online it will be mandatory to download it. Thank you Nintendo, for finally joining the current age of gaming.


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