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Looking to play some multiplayer with whomever wants a piece! While you can choose the "With Anyone" option to play online with people around the world, the "With Friends" option is alot more appealing. You can change the rules and whatnot, very similar system to Brawl actually.

No community codes for this game, meaning you'll have to be my friend on 3DS to play. So here's my friend code.


What's cool is friends of friends can join as well, so if you have buds who want to play they can join the game too! Hope to see you online! Just shoot me a message on the Chatango box or leave your friend code in this topic.


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Figured I'd post my friend code here just incase people don't have/are too lazy to look on the Mario Kart 7 forum for it.  


Can't wait to play with you all~


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Well here's mine 1676-3746-8238 cant wait to team up or compete.

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My friend code is 2793-1378-8893. Hit me up if you want to play.


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