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For those of you who haven't heard, Assasin's Creed 3 has been announced to drop on the 360, PS3, PC, and (get this) Wii U on October 30.  The player will take the role of Connor, a mixed-heritage Native American raised by Mohawks.  The game itself takes place during the American Revolution, and Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Charles Lee are slated to make appearances.  Rumor has it that the setting of the game will tie into the ending location of Desmond in Revelations.  

...I want this game.  Now.  That is all.

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I have been a large fan of the assassin's Creed Series since it started, but lately i find that the newer game's use of recruits to defeatt he purpose of the game, the purpose being to assassinate your target via a mixture of stealth and lightning fast decision making. I hate the idea of using recruits to make your job easier, I also hate the idea of the arrow storm thing. back in altair's day, assassin's were rarely sent on missions together, and even when they were it wasn't usually just to kill one target.

I miss the good ole days of standing on the rooftops planning both my entry route and escape route, down to the precise timing i needed, and then planning alternatives in case such and such went wrong. I miss the challenge of only having throwing knives, a dagger, and a sword. i hope to see a reversion towards that ideal in AC3...

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