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In Episode 16 of the podcast the guys talked about gaming conventions. They asked if anyone from the community has ever been to one and what our thoughts are,  so I figured I'd start it off. I've never been to a convention but I always follow them whether through live streams or youtube videos from people who are there. The conventions are a great way to promote and introduce new and developing titles to the public and to let us get our hands on some of them. I someday hope to make it to one of the big conventions, though I feel if I go to one I'd probably end up making it an annual trip. :P


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My friends and I have been wanting to go to Blizzcon for the entirity of the past decade, however I hear it's gone downhill since it started. I do have one friend who is an annual QuakeCon goer and he says it's great, I was thinking about asking him if i could tag along next year.


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Never been either. I am making it a goal next year to go to PAX and/or E3 at least. Even if it isn't what you expect, you at least had the experience.

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While I have not been to a gaming convention, I have been to several anime conventions.  They are certainly an experience.  I do keep an eye on E3 streams, and I'd love to have the chance to go to one of the big cons.  If a big group were getting together at PAX next year or something, my arm might be twisted... >.>


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