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So, I've noticed a couple different topics on the site regarding various MMOs, and I was wondering if anyone would have an interest in hanging out in some of these games (assuming people play the same MMOs).  Maybe we can even start a BOTemzup guild XP  

Anyway, these are the MMOs I play for those interested:

Maplestory- Alchemagic (dual blade) on Galicia

                     IlluWeaver (bandit) on El Nido

                     AuraTalker (Evan) on Galicia

Eden Eternal- IlluWeaver on Emerald server

DC Universe Online- SonicMuse (hero) on PvE

I also play Fiesta, and I'm looking into Rusty Hearts if anyone plays those.  I'm pretty sure I still have accounts for Mabinogi, Dream of Mirror Online, and La Tale.  I'm open to other suggestions too.  

Looking forward to playing with you all!



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I don't play many MMO's but I recently started playing DC universe online. I have an account on both PC and PS3 versions. I think my in game name is the same as here. I'll edit post if it's different.


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