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I'd love to hear the story behind everyone's usernames. Why did you choose it?  What does it mean?


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Well, one of my favorite animals is the Skunk and I like Metal music, so I put the 2 together and BAM! The funny part is some people think my name is supposed to be like a cyborg skunk or something, which is still cool.


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My username was actually a nickname one of my friends gave me in high school. The reason he gave me this name is because he thought I looked like Toad from the mario games and I was somewhat quiet and reserved as he is. I was trying to come up with a username for XBL and I liked the name so it became my online handle.


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I wanted to make a username that was related to Wisconsin in some way, and after a little brainstorming, I came up with my name. Which actually has nothing to do with Wisconsin ironically.


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