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According to producer Masahiro Sakurai, the upcoming 3DS title, slated for release March 23, will introduce a stand which will allow players to set down the system while playing.  However, there is no confirmation of whether the stand will be released separate of the game or if the stand will be released outside of Japan.  Personally, I have to wonder what use a 3DS stand will be, though I suppose it could be useful if an awkward angle is needed to get the 3D effect.  

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Alright, so kinda a follow-up to the stand being released with Kid Icarus but this post has more to do with game details itself.

Been doing some research on this game (cause I'm stoked), have some news. The CirclePad Pro is only to help left-handed players use the stylus with their left-hand, and the analog stick in right. So this game isn't going to have dual analog stick control. Good or bad, we'll have to wait and see I suppose.

This makes the stand more desirable. We're gonna have to be aiming with the stylus I assume, so having your 3DS not move is a good thing. I suppose this would also be helpful for people trying to record 3DS game footage. Maybe I'll even try that provided I can get a stationery camera. Also, the stand is bundled with every game. Hope it doesn't make it more expensive.

One last thing, just looked up a video of the "intensity" system. It allows you to use the hearts that drop from enemies to make stages and bosses harder. Why would you want to do this? For better item drops, score, etc. Sounds pretty cool. Really can't wait until March 23rd.


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