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Do you prefer Paper Mario, or Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door? Why? I thought this is a pretty good discussion topic because I was considering playing this series again. Personally, I prefer......I can't decide....the first holds so much nostalgia over me, but TTYD is just such a phenomenal game....

P.S Im not including Super Paper Mario. It's a great game, but it isnt a true Paper Mario game.


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I loved Paper Mario, but I felt that TTYD was a better game. I guess I just liked the story a lot better and the partners were a little bit better than the first. I mean the 1st one was good but it was just another Bowser kidnaps Peach, Mario saves Peach thing. But the second one had more plot twists and cool side stories, which I found more interesting. Plus, who didn't love playing as Bowser in classic Super Mario Bros. fashion? XD


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