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Mario Kart 7

Super Mario 3D Land

Starfox 64 3D

Some Gears of War books

A few movies


and of course, money!


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I got quite a bit, but that's because I have a lot of relatives. I suppose I'll just put the "highlights" of what I got. :P

For games I got "Super Mario 3D Land", "LoZ: Skyward Sword", "Skyrim", & "Batman Arkham Asylum". I also got a PS3. :)

For movies I got the complete Harry Potter 8-film collection, and both Batman Begins & The Dark Knight.

I got some clothes, chocolate, and other stuff. Highlight for sure is my "Turtle Beach Earforce PX3" headset, thanks to my grandparents. On Boxing Day I went out and got me a new graphics card (GeForce GTX 560) and mouse (Razer DeathAdder), so while I had to pay for them myself I did save money.

So yeah, I feel pretty spoiled not gonna lie. But I mean when you get gifts from like probably 20+ people you're bound to get alot.


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I got three military models, "Inheritance" (the 4th book in the Eragon series), clothes, and some other small things. . . I'm an LPer and I got no video games for Christmas, what the heck eh? :P


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I got rocksmith. It is quite interesting and fun it really is desgined to teach people how to play the guitar.

I also got mario kart 7 and uncharted 3 as well as a roleplaying guide for the game shadowrun and the inheritance book.

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Well, my Christmas haul certainly seems boring in comparison to you all.  The only game I picked up was Super Mario 3D Land, which is admitedly super fun.  I also picked up some clothes, including a sweet new leather jacket, tons of gift cards, and several Sackboy plushies ^-^;


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I'm a bit late on this one but I got a new printer, a new wallet, some money, a nice pair of gloves, candy and a couple gift cards.


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