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TheSpeedGamers are doing a 72 hour marathon of the Zelda series this weekend (Dec. 16-19).   This is their 25th marathon, and they are trying to raise money for three charities supported by the Rocking H Ranch.  Their goal is $15,000, and if they reach their goal before the end of the marathon (6 pm on the 19th), they will extend the marathon one day to play Skyward Sword.  The marathon includes commentary by various members of the community, and donations over $5 are entered into a raffle to win various prizes.  If you haven't checked these guys out before, they are really a treat to watch, and all of their marathons are for great causes.  Go and check them out even if you don't have any money to donate.

More info on TheSpeedGamers

More info on Rocking H Ranch


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