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So, this is an issue that's become rather hot button in the gaming community in the past few years.  With the increase in popularity of smartphone and internet games and the use of motion control gaming growing and growing, video games have become commonplace in most people's lives, leading to what are known as 'casual' gamers.  While some people welcome this change as it takes away from the stigma of video gamers as 'nerds' and brings in more money for the industry, others are annoyed that video gaming has become a fad and that many companies are focusing on more 'casual' games, such as dance games or simulation games, rather than continuing to produce the 'hardcore' games that people love.  

Where does everyone stand on this?  Are casual gamers helping or hurting the industry?  What is the definition of a casual gamer?  

While I love videogames, I don't personally own that many systems, and I only occasionally play video games.  I consider myself more of a casual gamer, and I don't see an issue with companies trying to reach out to a larger audience as long as they mix it with the games we know and love.  Furthermore, some of the fads brought on by casual gaming have brought positive improvements to more 'hardcore' games, and some of the 'casual' games, for example, Angry Birds, are rather enjoyable.  Of course, this is simply my opinion.


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First off, I'd like to thank you for continuing to contribute to the forums and I hope I speak for TM and Blue that we wouldn't mind having a dedicated fan like yourself on the podcast soon. If you're up for that of course.

Anywho, to your actual post. I'm 100% for casual games because of the fact that it's making video games more mainstream. I remember back in school some people would make fun of you as you got older for playing your Game Boy, but nowadays everyone is playing games on their phones.

As long as the hardcore market doesn't die, I'm good. They can make Angry Birds 7 for all I care as long as I see new Final Fantasys, Donkey Kongs, Kirbys and so on.


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