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Rub a dub dub, what'd ya think of our grub?


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I gotta say Blue, even though we had some tech issues getting this one of this was certainly the best sounding and best put together one yet. For anyone who isn't us, Audacity crashed and I had to cut and paste 544 audacity temporary files back together, and Blue's HD died on him.

In terms of content, a solid one at that. Skyward Sword got good coverage and Xenoblade announcement made me happy, not that I'm super excited for that game but that we could possibly see other games like that over in North America soon.


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Definately another solid episode from the three of you. I enjoyed the slightly bigger coverage on general gaming news on top of discussion of recently released or soon to be released titles.  I'd love to see that continue into further issues.  Honestly, I never noticed any big audio issues on this one; so, props on working through the tech issues.  

I would be cautious regarding spoilers, given the minor ones given in this episode and the larger one given on Super Mario 3D Land, but I can't blame you all for being excited about great titles.  As long as you give proper warning for big reveals, it's not a huge issue.  

Overall, a strong episode, especially considering the lack of interesting games being released this week and forum topics to discuss.  


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