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So while I may not be currently playing this right now, I had to post the topic somewhere. If you haven't seen episode #5 of the podcast you might be a little left out, but basically we talk a bit about the game (it wasn't released yet) and Blue discusses why I should buy this game day 1.

However, I didn't buy it because I've been told I'm receiving it for Christmas. So this topic is for everyone to make me jealous, don't go posting gigantic spoilers but discuss your personal experience with the game.


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I shall be the first jealousy-maker! The game is really great :D I'm 3 dungeons and a little over 20 hours in (about to take on the 4th), and while I'm not yet ready to say I like it more than Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask, I'd say it blows Twilight Princess out of the water, and definitely gives Wind Waker a run for it's money (and I hold both of those games in very high regard). What I've found I enjoy most about the game is that you don't just go from field to dungeon and back, but instead there are very involved quests that you have to do in the surrounding environment before you can actually access the dungeon. Other Zelda's have done this (with mini-dungeons and the like), but it's definitely never been done this seemlessly or dynamically. The game just really flows well. It feels less like you've just got this list of objectives, and more like you're really on an epic quest. Plus the characters (especially Zelda) are much more life-like and personable. So really to sum all of that up, I like the game design and story, ummm, a whole lot. :P

Other than that, the motion controls are intuitive and fun (with a couple kinks here and there), the graphics actually look much better than I thought they would, and the music is pretty solid, while not as amazing as some of the previous games. I'm loving this game so far, and all this talking about it just makes me want to play it, so I'm gonna go do that :D After I listen to Podcast episode 5, that is :P


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