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Along with the rise of motion-control, a common implement in new games is the use of 3D.  Whether it's the 3DS or Sony's continual pimping of 3D televisions for gaming, 3D has made its way into our video gaming lives.  What does everyone think of this?  Is 3D a feature which will become standard, or is it just a gimmick?  Does it enhance the experience of a game, or does it just give you headaches?  I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts. 


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Like motion control, I think 3D in games, can work very well when implemented intuitively, but comes of as nothing more than a gimmick when it's just slapped on. For instance, I've recently been playing through Super Mario 3DS, and I'm really impressed with how they're working the 3D into different game elements, and using it to improve the gameplay. On the other hand, games like Ocarina of Time 3D (while a great game) didn't really do much with the 3D function except make the game look cooler. I'd say the same goes with 3D tvs, because (to the extent of my knowledge) they really just 3D-ify games that were not made for 3D originally. So basically, I'd say that it can enhance the experience, but does not always. I'd like to see it stick around, but only for some games/consoles, and only when developers use it right.


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