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New forum post for our new podcast, episode #4. Talk our ears off about how much you love (or hate) it! Haven't listened through it myself, but from what I remember this one is pretty good and we get into some good discussions.


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Wonderful episode, guys.  The podcast is definately gaining a nice structure to it.  You all seem to be more comfortable with podcasting than you were in episode one, and the chemistry between the three of you, especially in this episode, is great.  Definitely some good discussion about the new games and Skylanders.  There are a few moments where I felt the episode dragged, but that was more because I wasn't as interested in the game you were discussing.  Again, nice work.


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Great job on the episode, guys! As far as Rayman goes, I will be unquestionably buying it, and a lot of the reason I want it actually does come from nostalgia! I grew up playing Rayman's games (I'd put Rayman 2: The Great Escape as one of my all time N64 platformers, even higher on my list than Super Mario 64), and was actually really upset when they took the stupid turn towards mini-games with the Rabbid series. Seeing Rayman come back as beautiful, challenging (from what I've heard) 2D platformer is just an amazing love letter to me. It's true that Rayman is certainly not as loved or recognized as Mario or Donkey Kong, but there are definitely people out there who were waiting for this :P No way I can compare it to Sonic Generations, because I haven't bought that yet. I'll actually probably get both games ar around the same time :D Again, great episode!


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