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I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy and recently I've been playing through Final Fantasy IV Advance (you would know if you listened to the podcast :P ). I don't know what it is, but Final Fantasy is the one series where I can just pick up the game and put hours upon hours into it even if I don't finish the game. I've played through many iterations of IV, so this is probably like my 4th or 5th time through the game.

Any of you like the Final Fantasy series? It's produced many spinoffs, my favourite being the Tactics series. Of the main numbered series, I'm a big fan of the original, IV and IX. I wanna hear your thoughts too, feel free to respond!


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My favorites in the series are V, X and X-2, the original and the Tactics series. Haven't played any recently, although I still have my save for V, so I might play it again.


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Though I haven't played too many of the games in the series (never touched VII, VIII, or IX), I really love the Final Fantasy games, and I agree that you can just get sucked into them and spend hours and hours playing. I'd say my favorites would have to be IV, X, and to a lesser extent VI, which I never actually completed, but am currently playing through again and loving!


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As shameful as it sounds, I'm not that familiar with the Final Fantasy series despite my love of RPGs.  I have played FFXIII, which is a mixed bag.  The visuals are beautiful, but the game is almost painfully linear, and the inability to control anyone but the leader can be frustrating.  I also own the DS version of FFIV, which is a wonderful game (if not depressing at points), and FFX, which I have not touched.  Overall, I can see why the series is considered one of the primere RPG titles because of its generally clean gameplay, fair stories, and some of the most memorable soundtracks of all time.   


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IlluWeaver, you should totally play FFX! It's also it's also pretty linear (or at least a large chunk of it is), but it's got a great battle system, a captivating story, and graphics that are gorgeous even today. I'd highly recommend you try it out one day!


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