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Ok, what character or charactters would you guys like to see make the roster for the new up-and-coming Super Smash Bros.?

And just for fun let's say there are final smashes in the new game, what would your character's final smash be?

Personally I'm rooting for Bomberman and Banjo-Kazooie. For Bomberman his final smash could be having him use those Cherry Bombs from Bomberman 64 that could pretty much one hit kill anything. And for BK I would say their final smash could be either like snake's but instead of fireing grenades they would be shooting grenade eggs or they could summon the Jinjonator from the first game and it would pwn everyone on screen :P. 

Now, I'm looking forward to hearing what your guys can come up with.


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Hmm, I guess I can list some ideas. Sounds like a fun topic. :P

If Nintendo can use him, I feel like King K. Rool should be in the game. Can't think of what his final smash would be, but he has tons of moves from the various DK games he has been in.

For some third party characters, I'd like to see Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia for one. He would fit perfectly and is pretty much the character anyone thinks of when they think Tales (at least in North America). Final smash would be his Falcon's Crest Hi-Ougi he has in the game of course.

Mega Man should be in this game. The original or X, it wouldn't matter. But he should be there. Probably would work similar to Kirby I think. For his final smash would be like a super-charged Mega Buster shot or something.

For an unrealistic character and I know it'll never happen in a million years, I would love to see Rad Gravity in the new Smash. Final smash would be calling for his ship to fire rockets on his foes.

Alright that's it for me, everyone else can pitch in their ideas. This topic is already making me excited for the new Smash Bros.!


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I would want Wolf Link as a character, Final Smash could be that epic bite attack you use against the guys with dreads. I agree with Mega Man, personally I'd want X, maybe have the Final Smash be the Kamehameha instead of a supercharged Buster shot. If they could, maybe Amaterasu from Okami with the Shiranui form as her Smash. And finally, Paper Mario, with any of his Star Powers from the first game as his Smash. For an unrealistic character, I'd want Kepora Gebora, with a giant wall of text (kind of like this one) blocking the screen for a Final Smash. I also kind of want to see Nintendo implement a character creator and improve the stage creator from Brawl. 

I kinda had a lot of ideas after Brawl if you didn't notice.


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i just watched a video of this haha but I got a new list now. I'll name 3 first party and 2 third party.

1st Party:

Paper Mario- His moveset would be awesome

Ghirahim- perfect fighter imo

Zoroark- we need another pokemon right :P

3rd Party

Megaman- duh

Bomberman- I think he'd make a great addition


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