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Those waking up today in hopes of playing Gears of War 3′s first downloadable add-on, “Horde Command Pack,” will be in for a disappointment, as Epic Games revealed on their forums that the pack has been delayed due to a “technical issue.”


There’s no word on when the add-on will hit the Xbox Live Marketplace, but Epic added they have people working around the clock to resolve the issue, so playing it this week could still be a possibility.

I think i can hear the BOT crew screaming NOOOOOOOOO!!!




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actually it is out :p it only came out about 12 hours late xD

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Lovin' the DLC so far, only played Blood Drive on Horde but was a ton of fun. The Onyx Guard is a pretty sweet character, and it's good to have another female to play as for that stupid "Play X amount of matches as a female character" medal. :P


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