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Same deal, different cake.


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I enjoyed it, as per the usual. The only real criticism I can give on it was that TM's voice got really quiet at one point, but it really wasn't all that bad.

Content-wise, I found it to be good, and highly entertaining just like last time. I like how you guys are switching it up on who introduces the podcast this time around. You all sounded like you were enjoying yourselves. The flow was pretty good, and overall I liked it.

Oh and you answered my question. So you all rock. XD


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I liked this podcast very much moreso than the first.  There was plenty of good discussion focusing on the current games.  I got a good feel for the thoughts on Kirby: Return to Dreamland, some more insight on Arkham City, and got some good answers to the questions.  Maybe I should have thrown out gameplay on my second question, because after I heard Blue's answer, I did agree with him that gameplay is mainly what the game is built around, with the other aspects such as story, character development, graphics, etc. build to compliment.  The only time I find the other aspects to overcome the actual gameplay would be true RPG's, mostly because RPG's tend to boil down to perfect strategies and level grinding in order to progress through the game flawlessly.  Whenever I play RPG's, I tend to focus more on the other aspects, and that's what makes those games stand out more against one another rather than simple tweaks in the gameplay.  But all in all, I'm not disappointed in his answer (because in retrospect it seems kind of like the obvious answer), but maybe I should have made sure to throw that out or something.  Anyway, great podcast!

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