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The sequal to GTA IV has finally been announced! GTA IV is one of my favorite games of this generation, and as of right now there hasn't been much information released, so I am extremely excited to see the teaser that will be released on November 2nd.

Here's a link to one article.


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Saw the news from Notch on Twitter xP (how odd that is). I wonder what Rockstar will add this time to the series. There were rumors that there will be multiple playable characters, so single player co-op? That would be fun ^_^




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I have a small little update to this story.  Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser has told IGN that while Wii U and PC versions of GTA V were not announced when the release area of spring 2013 was revealed, the studio has not ruled out making versions for these consoles.  He also stated that the game will not feature support for either the Kinect or the Move.


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