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It's simple. Talk about the latest podcast in this topic :)


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Wow, this is good timing, as I just finished listening to the podcast a couple seconds ago! Great start, guys. I was thoroughly entertained all the way through :D


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I enjoyed the podcast thoroughly, but I was wondering how you plan to choose moderators for the forums?


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I liked the first podcast, it was a nice topic to kind of introduce everyone in the podcast.  I thought it was pretty good, but I would have probably had a little more depth rather than breadth in your discussion.  There's so many times where I just wanted to jump in and talk about some of the finer points of a game, but then the discussion moved on to a different game.  I guess this is the downside of having a smaller timelimit to work with, but I would probably rather listen to a 40 minute discussion on one game and what everyone likes/dislikes about it rather than a 5 or so minute discussion per game just to cover basic thoughts.  Still, it was entertaining and was a 40 minutes well spent...although I probably should have spent them on homework XD

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I've never really listened to other podcasts on gaming, and the only poscasts I've ever listened to is TAL (This American Life. It was for school. Don't judge >_>) And I must say the quality was REALLY good. It was very organized, everyone sounded like they were having fun, and overall you kept it interesting. All of you really brought out your personalities. Blue is kind of the chipper announcer-y guy. Odin was the cool and calm one, and TM was the comical relieft kind of guy (Please don't kill me TM? ;D)

All in all I found it to go by very quickly, which meant it was entertaining. You guys definitely have a knack for it. Your skills in LP'ing and whatever else really helped you shine through, and I cannot wait for next week's episode!


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Excellent job guys!! You all sounded very comfortable as if you had done this before. Thanks for answering my question! I am of the male order as well ;). Keep up the good work and most importantly just have fun.


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Really enjoyed it ^_^ Was alot of fun to listen to while traveling and the volume level was perfect :) Was easily able to listen to them even in the loud metro. Keep up the good work, you three! :D




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