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So as you all may or may not know, since the introduction of the Wii and the later introductions of the PlayStation Move and XBox Kinect, gaming has been taking a strange turn from sit back with controller in your hand and relax game to more of a casual get up and do the most ridiculous motions sort of gaming.  Being the veteran gamers you are, do you appreciate this revolution in gaming that is spreading in the market, or are you against it and believe we should look back to the roots of gaming for ideas?

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First, I think this is a great topic for discussion.

Now, I personally think that in its current state, motion based gaming has potential that either isn't used properly or not used at all. By "not at all", I mean the argument that motion gaming hasn't appealed to the hardcore and veteran gamers as much they'd like. I do realize that there are "hardcore" games out there that do use motion gaming (MPT, Twilight Princess, MadWorld) but it doesn't seem like there is as much as traditional gaming. 

I think the reason for this is that it is easier for a developer to make a game with simple controls and appeal to the casual audience (just started game development, know from experience in a sense) than it is to make a complex control scheme that is made for the hardcore audience. 

I don't mind motion gaming at all, but I think that as more developers move toward motion gaming, the hardcore gamers will eventually accept it. I still prefer my controller and bed over standing and waving. 


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I definitely appreciate the technology. Kinect, Move and Wii are amazing innovations that continue to blow my mind with what they can do. However, I do not care for them. I started gaming on Super Mario Bros on the NES and have been playing ever since. To me gaming is, like K-Man mentioned, sitting back and relaxing with an engaging story or fun gameplay. Motion gaming has it's place in our society, I just wish it wasn't being integrated into the already established gaming console providers (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony). To me, it would've been perfect if a new company came in and made a motion control gaming system on it's own. That way we would still be getting more of the same content we grew up with and if people wanted the motion control they could still have it. I know there are flaws in my thinking but it's my personal opinion.


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