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So in July of last year, I started to use Wii Fit that got forever ago, and take it seriously. I probably used it for about a consistant 4 months before getting lazy again. In between then and now I picked up Wii Fit U back when Target was still open in Canada for $15, and now I've started to use that.

Where am I getting with this? Well, pretty much everything on a Nintendo platform has some sort of Miiverse integration now. With Wii Fit U, I was actually able to make my own community, titled "Odin's Gym". While I would love to primarily make it about Wii Fit U, I could understand others not wanting to use it for that. So I'm opening it up for everyone to use to talk about whatever you'd like to talk about! Send me messages, talk about your Amiibo hunts, it doesn't really matter, just have fun with it!

Link for PC Access (aka not Nintendo Wii U/3DS):

Gym Community Code (for use with Wii Fit U):


If you're unsure how to join this within Wii Fit U, the Miiverse options are within the "Training" portion of the game. An option at the bottom to "Search for Gym Community" will allow you to enter in this code.

With all the being said, thanks for reading and hope to see your posts in the community!


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