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Some big news was released today in the form of a Mega64 video about Nintendo's plans for E3 2014. You should probably watch the video because it's pretty funny, but here's the lowdown.

1. Nintendo will be hosting a "Smash Bros. Invitational" tournament at E3 where 16 notable Smash players will be invited to play the new game. It will apparently be live-streamed, sounds like good times.

2. Nintendo & Best Buy are partnering up again for E3. They will be having a "Smash-Fest" so you can play Super Smash Bros. at Best Buy during E3. It's not clear if this will be the only game there, but I'm willing to bet there will be other games.

3. Nintendo Treehouse will be livestreaming some of the new games, etc. at the event.

4. Similar to last year's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo will be putting on a "Digital Event" at 12 PM EDT on Tuesday, June 10th. This is basically their conference.


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