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So after about a week or so of playing this game through, I decided to write up a review on it. I'm going to be going in a similar style as Odin, which is kind of a freestyle lol.

So to put it bluntly. The Stick of Truth is awesome. The gameplay is very similar to the Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi series. You can press buttons to dodge, block, and do more damage at specific times. It's turn based, which is an instant turn on for me due to it being my favorite type of RPG. The game isn't super long, but it's definitely enjoyable. There's a lot of side quests which I have yet to completely all do. However, the real draw here is the South Park flavor. This game puts you through some things a game has never put you through before. I won't spoil much here, but I'll say this, if you have never given an abortion, this game will change that. This game had me absolutely rolling with laughter, and I don't even watch the show. The story itself is actually pretty good too, with twists and turns to accompany it as well. The climax really builds up tension, which is odd for a South Park game. However, it's totally fitting.
I didn't encounter any bugs like the reviewers have found. However, I found one small one at the end of the game. It was minor and didn't influence my enjoyment of the game at all. Some white textures became pixelated and odd looking. That's all. The game suffers from jitters usually after booting up the game for a few minutes, but it goes away soon after.

All in all, The Stick of Truth was a very pleaseant surprise. Completely glad I purchased it. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who wants a laugh, a surprisingly deep turn based RPG, and an overall great experience from start to finish. I give the game 9/10.


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