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Weird, this is the first DSi game on here. Obviously played on my 3DS, but is technically DSiWare. Also this game is a souped-up remake of Four Swords that was part of the Link to the Past cart for GBA. Here goes.

This is not a single-player game. I think that needs to be said first and foremost. I never played this multiplayer so I don't how it is, but from what TM has told me it's pretty fun multiplayer. That being said, it wasn't very fun on my own. It just felt very tedious switching between each Link, and the puzzles were the same over and over again.

I gotta say when you "beat" the game, the extra Realm of Memories levels are very fun and refreshing. Not just because it's a nice throwback to the old games, but the levels fit this game pretty well. Except for the last one, it was cool but didn't feel right.

I can't really complain too much though, this was a free Zelda game. You can't even download this anymore, they took it down. So if you ever did download it and perhaps didn't get around to it, it's not bad for a free Zelda game. But that being said, the magic is (presumably) found in the multiplayer. Hopefully your real-life friends picked it up while they had the chance, because there's no online capabilities.


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