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Finally, I did it. 10000 VR. It's taken months, and I gotta thank TM for helping me get this far and achieving the goal. If you don't know what I'm talking about, getting 10000 VR (it's an online score system in the game) unlocks the Gold Standard kart, the last thing you're likely to unlock. But let's get down to brass tacks and review this game shall we?

Without a doubt I can tell you now this is my favourite Mario Kart game in the series. It's certainly the one I've played the most, but probably because I enjoyed it the most. It's got alot going for it, the track selection is very good. The retro tracks are pretty decent but the new ones introduced for the most part (so not Rosalina's Ice World or Neo Bowser City) are really good.

Unlocking stuff is cool, and this game introduces the ability to modify your kart body, wheels and glider (one of the new additions to the game). There's also underwater driving, which is worked well into the retro tracks. Courses like Koopa Beach and Koopa Cape now feature underwater sections that make sense. That being said, underwater driving isn't the greatest. The glider sections however are awesome, and you can really make use of clever shortcuts with them. Plus you can unlock multiple ones!

Online is where this game shines, obviously. You can quick jump into a game with random people or friends (if they're in a game). You can also set up "communities" which is basically a Friend Code that all people have to do is add it and everyone can get into a group. You can set up the community for how you want to play, be it standard racing or battle mode. You can also change the difficulty, and items that appear as well. Not an insane amount of options but they are there for you to use.

Get this game if you haven't already. Even though Mario Kart 8 is coming out soon, it's for Wii U so if you want Mario Kart on the go this is your choice. It's fantastic, one of the must own games on the 3DS. I kinda wish I had the digital version just so I wouldn't have to change out the 3DS card to play it, I'd recommend getting that for easy access.

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