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For as much as I love using the Ice Climbers in the Smash series, I can honestly say that I do not enjoy the game that they came from. I had the opportunity (like alot of these 3DS Virtual Console games) via the Ambassador Program.

Here's the main problem. The jump mechanic is terrible. For a game that revolves around you jumping to get up from platform to platform this is not a good thing. You jump really high in the air, which is good. But you barely have any sort of horizontal control and you'll find yourself missing jumps all the time.

It also doesn't help that like most games, it gets harder as you progress. With unfair controls it isn't a fair challenge. Every time you beat a level, you get a bonus stage to get some extra points. Of the 32 mountains in the game, I might have beaten the bonus level 4 or 5 times? Once again due to the jump controls.

It's cool to see what they did with the character(s) in Smash and where they get their moves from. But I wouldn't recommend Ice Climber to anyone, stick with Super Mario Bros. instead. :P


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