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I've been active with streaming as of late with my "Retro Spack" stream. I figured I'd make this topic to let you know what it's all about and hopefully to get you to come on over! I'll post the link to it first then get to the details.

Retro Spack Stream

Retro Spack is all about finishing games and playing games with others. I choose a game and beat it then move on to the next one, quite simple really. Most games take me multiple nights, and I archive past broadcasts two ways. I use the "Highlights" section on Twitch to break it down into appropriate sections and I also post them onto my website as well.

So when does this all take place? I stream every Wednesday, plus most nights that I have off of work. I mention when I go live on Twitter, and the schedule is at my website as well. I usually start at 6 PM EST and the stream runs until around 11 PM EST.

A New Year's Resolution I've set for myself this year prevents me from buying any games until Boxing Day in December. This way I can work on beating games I already own (some of which haven't even been played yet). I use Backloggery to keep track of this and something that I will be starting to do is using this to help my viewers pick the next game for me to play. This has already happened for the next game I'll be streaming, Jet Force Gemini.

So as far as playing games with other goes, I haven't started that yet. I'm looking to make the upcoming Wednesday stream the beginning of a new series in which I get 4 of my viewers to play a round of HeroQuest the Board Game with me. I'm in the midst of setting it up, and provided everything goes well it should be alot of fun. If you're interested and you're free this upcoming Wednesday, lemme know.

That's all the information I have for you, I hope you have the time to stop in for a stream and have some fun! Thanks for reading this relatively long post, and have a great day!


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