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Since I've been playing through this again, for those of you who have played it, what's your opinions and thoughts on the game?

Personally as I play through the game, I find myself really enjoying the level design and gameplay. The team aspect works well and you never seem to be playing as one character for too long. I'll admit, most of my deaths occur from things out of my control, which is a problem with a lot of these games, but luckily the deaths aren't too frequent. The music is awesome. I never realized how good this OST was until I replayed it. So far I've only played through Team Dark and most of Team Sonic's story with a bit of Chaotix. Team Dark's levels are the hardest of the bunch, but I welcome the challenge. Team Sonic is the standard levels for normal playthroughs, with Chaotix having a mission based structure. I honestly don't mind the mission structure aside from a few nitpicks.

I'll likely write a full review once I actually finish the game, but there's a glimpse of a review haha.


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