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Retro Spack has really helped me in beating (and completing) popular games that I never grew up with. First it was Super Mario 64, and now Banjo-Kazooie.

I gotta say, getting 100% in this game was pretty difficult. That is because if you die, you lose any notes you had in the level meaning you have to get all 100 in one life. It's easy at first but the levels at the end it gets really hard. Getting the other collectables just seemed like a sidenote, even the Jiggies which are the main focus of the game I put second to finding all the notes.

There's not much about this game that hasn't already been said. It's really good. I loved the music (Rusty Bucket Bay in particular), the graphics are pretty dang good for N64 standards. Controls are pretty standard fare for N64, can't complain they did what they needed to do. If you don't already own this game it is on the Xbox Live Arcade for 10 bucks I think. It's made easier too, if you die you don't have to recollect notes.

Oh and I guess I'll play Tooie before the year ends. :P


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Tooie is better IMO, but you already know that. Hopefully I'll be able to attend that stream.

Also, a Sonic Adventure 2 stream. "But I don't have that!!" K im shipping one


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