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The ambassador program for 3DS was a great idea, it added a bunch of great games for both NES and GBA to everyone's handheld collection. But I wouldn't call Mario Kart: Super Circuit great.

Super Circuit to start off with, is an INCREDIBLY hard game. Even by the end of it I hadn't mastered the really wonky turning, maybe it's just me but every character I used (and I did try all of them) had really wide turns that was really hard to get a hang of. Power sliding or not. Also the A.I. on 150cc is pretty brutal, and when you get bumped you lose coins like in the SNES game and it's pretty annoying.

That aside, the track selection is pretty good. Both design and amount. This game boasts the highest amount of courses in any Mario Kart (to my knowledge) with 40. 20 new tracks, and all 20 SNES tracks. However, you have to unlock the SNES tracks and it's very tedious to do and I didn't bother cause frankly I just wanted to move on from this game. One track you should certainly play and should come back is this game's Rainbow Road. It's inspired by Paper Mario, 'nuff said.

So now after officially playing through all the Mario Karts, I would have to put this one at the bottom of the list. It's still a fun game, but I can't imagine myself ever playing it again by myself. Multiplayer would probably be fun though. Now to see how the GBA F-Zero is, as it also came with the 3DS Ambassador Program. Won't get around to that immediately though. :P


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From what I've played of this game, it's easily my least favorite of the Karts. Just doesn't play too well. Good review though, summed up my thoughts well.


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