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Another game crossed off the to-do list for 2014. I played this during my Retro Spack streams. Here's some of my thoughts on the game.

First off, you're gonna hate Samus as a character. This is the first game where she is given voice-over, not the first time she was given speech though. But she just sounds so emotionless (even though she's supposed to have some) and annoying and just, ugh. Not a good start.

But as far as using her is a different story. Samus controls pretty nice and this is the first game to use third-person perspective in a 3D environment (unless you include the Prime games Morph Ball mode). She auto-targets enemies which I thought would just make the game easy but quite honestly it's just convenient. The upgrades are quite literally unlocked as your commander in the game Adam decides when you get to use them as the story progresses. But all of the weapons and armor from Super Metroid are here, plus a couple of new abilities. Not many.

I gotta say, for a Wii game this game looks very nice. The cutscenes are very impressive too in their graphics. The music is great, very much like classic Metroid where it makes you feel by yourself (even though you really aren't). It's presented well, is what I'm saying. :P

So I mean you could probably get this game for like 5 bucks now. If you like Metroid, give it a shot and basically don't pay attention to Samus as a character to enjoy it more. On it's own, I probably wouldn't recommend it. There are other 3D action games out there.


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