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So I as I beat games this year, I'm gonna post reviews on them. Or at least quick thoughts on what I thought. If everything is as thorough as that Robotrek review then I could be here awhile. But I'm gonna try to avoid that and keep this to a paragraph or two (maybe more :P ).

This game was a sequel to A Link To the Past on the Super NES. That was an immediate hook for me, but would it be enough for me to be reeled in? YES. This game plays to that nostalgia and does it great. Everything feels like LTTP but is quite different at the same time. I describe this game mostly as being an expansion pack to that game, in which it follows how expansions work quite well. The gameplay is fresh and lots of mechanics are changed, but the story isn't usually the greatest. This is the case with this game.

Zelda games story can be hit or miss I find. There's not alot happening here, "Save the required amount of objects/people/etc. and go to the final dungeon." Pretty much sums up this game. Did it bother me? HECK NO. I play Zelda games to experience the gameplay and find out if I like the dungeons. For the most part, the dungeons were good but most a bit easy do to the rental system. The rental system however is great and allows you to break some dungeons by skipping some steps, although not always the case. The swordplay is just how it was in LTTP, and to be honest some of the guard enemies gave me a tough time trying to land a hit with the sword. They block alot of your attacks.

The music needs to be heard, there are alot of remixes from LTTP as well as new themes. What I liked is that the Light World dungeons had a remix of the original game, but all the Dark World dungeons had their own unique music. Very nice touch. The graphics are also pretty nice, nothing crazy but very nice.

So I guess it should be stated that LTTP is my favourite Zelda game of all-time. So how does this one hold up? It's awesome, and while I don't think it's as good as LTTP it certainly holds more replayability due to StreetPass as well as Hero Mode (slight spoiler but come on it's been in like every new Zelda now). Pick it up for your 3DS if you haven't already, and save Hyrule!

Final Score: Rented Tornado Rod/Sahasrahla


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