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So I recently played this incredibly obscure RPG for the Super Nintendo for my stream nights over on TwitchTV. So I figured to inspire other people to perhaps write some reviews for other things I'd write this one.

Some boring stuff, this RPG was developed by Quintet/Ancient and published by Enix. It was released in Japan on July 8th, 1994 and North America on October 1st, 1994.

Okay, I just gotta get this out of the way now. The music in this game is not very good. The battle theme will be ingrained into your brain in a very bad way. It is a song you will hear ALOT. That being said, there are some good songs in this game, the boss battle theme actually being pretty good. But the soundtrack here is very weak, which is weird coming from Quintet/Enix who are known for VERY good soundtracks (ie. Actraiser).

With that out of the way, the gameplay is awesome. I don't just mean the combat, as for the most part it's pretty tedious (cause of that stupid battle theme) but gets much more involved as you progress in the game. Instead of you fighting, you get up to 3 robots (you will have 3 very quickly trust me) that you completely customize. I do mean completely, everything about them you assign. You program attacks, you assign their stats (and upgrade at levels), you outfit them with their weapons and even can change their colours. Oh did I mention that you also basically make all of their equipment?

Yeah, that's a big part of this game. There are R&D labs all throughout the world of Quintenix (that's the name of the planet how original) where by the assistance of some gnome-lookin' guys you will make at least 95% of the items you'll use in this game. As you level up, you'll be able to read books to learn how to create items from scratch for a fee. Or, you can use weapons and items (mostly "scrap") and combine them to make other items and weapons at no cost besides losing the items used to make the new item/weapon. You'll also create your robot party members here, and is where you can assign their stats (as you level up), create unique attacks (you never get taught this but it's very simple) and also perform repairs (basically your RPG Inn). This R&D menu can also be accessed everytime you level up, called the "Portable". You can do everything EXCEPT make new robots, but you'll have those made in no time.

So did this turn into a guide or is it still a review? :P I really felt I need to point out the amount of customization in this game, because it is such a huge part of it. There are lots of little details that are easily overlooked, such as all of the equipment having a different visual look on your robots. That's pretty cool for a SNES game, that wasn't done too much. The gameplay is probably about 20% map exploring, 30% battles and 50% is probably spent in the menus (specifically the R&D and portable). If you like tweeking your stats, you'll probably like this game.

Now onto the other stuff. In terms of graphics, it's alright. Nothing that hadn't been done on the Super NES already. Very bright colours though. What is kinda lame is that all 3 robots look the same. Mind you their equipment can alter their appearance a bit but for the most part they're the same. The protagonist looks pretty cool, his hair is pretty similar to Chrono Trigger's Crono.

The story didn't really do it for me. I feel alot of great RPGs on the Super NES had this issue, but sometimes the plot just makes no sense and you're just kinda going from A to B and completing whatever random task you've been assigned to do. There was certainly some very unique moments I was NOT expecting, but you gotta play pretty far in to experience them. But even still when you see them it's just kinda like, "Wow this is cool but how does this really tie into anything?"

There isn't much to say on the controls, it's an RPG so exploring on the map is standard. One thing that is neat I could say about the combat is that most of your actions are assigned to buttons on the controller, so you don't have to go into a menu every battle to attack. You can just press the button assigned with whatever weapon you want to use. You can't use skills and items this way though.

So here's the thing, I would recommend this game BUT because the only way you could play this (outside of emulation) is via owning a Super NES and the cart... probably don't play it (honestly just give it a try on an emulator :P ).

Final Score: Helf's Lamp/Sandshrew (you do the math)


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