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Hey there, I'm Odinspack. One of the 5 members that make up the BOTemzUp podcast! I made this section on the forums because I was going through old posts and noticed that Laharl had mentioned this but it never got made. So here it is! Feel free to make your own topic too!

As for who I am? I've been a gamer literally for as long as I can remember. From what I've been told the first game I ever played was Duck Hunt on the NES. My favourite game is Kirby Super Star for the SNES. I'm much more of a handheld gamer than a console gamer, but that isn't to say I don't enjoy them equally. My favourite genre is for sure RPGs, and even though I haven't enjoyed the new games so much the Final Fantasy series is my favourite.

No point in me telling you that I'm on YouTube and various social media outlets. That's all listed for the most part on the front page! But when you make one of these make sure you link the crap outta your stuff, because how else are we to discover who you are?

Thanks for reading this! If you want to check out something of mine though, click my signature below for my Backloggery. I'm pretty proud of that thing, and my goal for the year is to not buy any new games and work on beating the ones I have!


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