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Yesterday Nintendo released another Nintendo Direct, directly to you (wow, that's so lame). Eventhough it was a rather meh showing, we still got some interesting sneek peaks and reveals.

First on show was a Dynasty Warriors Zelda game. Though you can tell that this is a very early beta it still looks quite good and its very interesting that Nintendo is finally lending out another one of its most prized series for other developers to play with and not just Metroid.

Though this game is not the next official installment in the Zelda franchise, which has been confirmed to be revealed this coming E3, it still looks like it'd be a great game.

Next, reveal was Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Which is essentially Kirby Returns to Dreamland for 3DS, but hell its Kirby. You know I'm gonna buy it :D.

So far there are a few new additions to the Kirby fun: a new bug power (which essentially is suplex but with some new tricks), a bell power, and super sucking ability, a 4 player Kirby battle arena, and a Dedede rythm mini-game.

Third, was the new Yoshi game on 3DS. Yoshi's New Island (sigh, the name kinda sucks but . . . ok).

By the way, the music sounds like "Tha Candyman Can" from Willy Wonka just slowed down :P

Chibi Robo is back. I never played the Gamecube original but it looks really cool because it looks like this game is almost completely based on the AR system.

Next up is Bravely Defult. This game is based on the interesting idea of your characters gaining in strength as the game is running while the 3DS is in sleep mode. There seems to be some sort of optional micro-transactions that you can make in game but its to earn items that you can earn through normal play.

Also, there will be a free side story being released so that you can get the feel of how this RPG plays and decide if you would like to buy the full version. Now that's pretty cool.

So, Cranky Kong is a playable character in Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze but that's not really new news. . . moving on. . .

Continuing the "year of Luigi" (sounds like Nintendo made a new zodiac sign). The next Luigi game to be released is Doctor Luigi. Which is essentially Doctor Mario but now with a new "L" shaped block (wooooooo. . . . . .)

A new downloadable title for Wii U is hitting virtual store shelves called, NES REMIX. Essentially its 16 iconic NES titles and there are trial modes that test your skill to get through levels and there are a bunch of "what if" modes. For example one "what if" is what if link was in Donkey Kong the arcade game.

Finally, there's news from Maio Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. In regards to Super Smash Rosalina has joined the fray with hungry luma. Essentially they are a reimagining of the ice climber duo and seem to have interesting properties in how they fight becasue it looks like Rosalina can summon luma at will to either fight for her or fight together.

I know, at first it looks like they're announcing Kirby for the new Mario Kart. But that aside lets get to the real Mario Kart news. Not really anything that new except that you have carts, motorcycles, ATVs, trike lookin things, little baby carts. oh, and . . . it looks AMAZING!!!

In ending notes, there was Sonic Lost Worlds DLC announced that will be taking Sonic on a journey through worlds themed around Nintendo franchises. For example the Yoshi level was shown off and seriously it looks as if Sonic was plopped right into the world of Yoshi Story on the N64, which is kinda cool if you ask me. And lastly for anyone who participates at first in Pokemon Bank, Nintendo will be giving away a free Celeby for your support. That honestly gives me some kind of incentive to pick up this system that I don't plan on using/keeping. :P

Tell us what you think about these announcements. And any other thoughts in regards to upcoming Nintendo titles.


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