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November 8th, 2015


  • The YouTube version and MediaFire version of Episode #3 are up now.
  • Going to stop referring to Season 2 as Season 2, just know that's what we are in right now.
  • Season 2 actually back in business excluding that one we made awhile ago, we streamed Season 2 - Episode 2 on October 29th on
  • We are looking to record this live every Thursday at about 9 PM EST after Odin streams, and for sake of convenience will like just be on his Twitch channel. (once again:
  • As far as projects go, the podcast is looking to be the other thing returning at the moment. We may try to record some random gameplays for the channel just because, and Odin may bring back features to the website such as the "Release Dates" section, stay tuned.
  • Thanks for coming back! :)

                  Welcome to Season 2 of BOTemzUp!

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